Clarify Medical is now Zerigo Health.

ZerigoCareTM Guides are there to support you throughout your treatment journey

What does a ZerigoCare Guide do? Think of Guides as a your very own personalized service and support team, a team whose sole purpose is to ensure you get the most out of the Zerigo Health Solution.

Once you have enrolled and have a physician’s prescription a Guide is assigned to help walk you through all the necessary steps to begin your journey to healthy skin, including:

· Proper use of the Zerigo Health Mobile App and the Zerigo Device

· Communicating with your Guide

· Remaining consistent with your treatment regimen

Guides are there to motivate you to stay on track with your treatment plan by sending treatment reminders directly via the Zerigo Mobile App, and answer any questions you may have along the way. They also communicate your progress to your physician when required.

Guides will also provide you with resources like the Zerigo Health Learning Center, “How To” videos, the Member Guide, and other educational and instructional content.

Can a ZerigoCare Guide connect me with a physician?

If you aren’t under the care of a physician currently, or don’t want to wait for the next available appointment with your current physician, we can connect you with DermatologistOnCall, the largest network of board-certified dermatologists in the U.S. who see patients online.


Yes, that’s what we are here for. A Guide will schedule an initial onboarding call to guide you through setting up your device and app, inputting your treatment locations, and capturing baseline photos. The ZerigoCare Guide team is also available to answer questions and continue coaching you throughout your treatment journey.

Can a ZerigoCare Guide help me decide if Zerigo Health Solution is right for me?

If you are considering the Zerigo Health Solution, we can provide you and your physician with general information about our service. Together, you and your physician will decide whether the Zerigo Health Solution is right for you. ZerigoCare Guide do not give medical advice and do not practice medicine.

Why do I need a ZerigoCare Guide?

When dealing with a new technology and delivering your own care at home, almost everyone appreciates having extra support available. And we know that it can be daunting to face self-management of a chronic condition alone, so we’re there to support and guide you every step of the way.