What you will Get

  • An FDA-cleared1 phototherapy device and mobile app that makes your psoriasis treatments convenient, easy, and measurable
  • A personal ZerigoCare™ Guide to answer all your questions and support you throughout your treatment
  • Progress reports sent regularly to your provider to help you manage your psoriasis care

Best of all, if eligible, Zerigo for Psoriasis is offered at no cost* to you and your covered family members as part of your health plan.

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Zerigo for Psoriasis is an advanced phototherapy treatment program that combines smart technology with personal support that enables you to treat your condition from the comfort and privacy of home.

This may mean no more trips to the clinic or doctor’s office for treatment. Instead, you can safely and easily treat your skin at home or on the go using a smartphone and your Zerigo Device. Just push a single button to deliver the precise dose of phototherapy your doctor prescribed.

Zerigo for Psoriasis is the only phototherapy treatment that provides ongoing personal coaching and support that helps you stay on target to achieve measurable results.

Treatments may require from seconds to minutes to deliver depending on your skin color, diagnosis and the stage of your therapy. Your results may vary, but if you respond well to Narrowband Ultra Violet B (NB- UVB) phototherapy, you can typically expect to see a noticeable clearing of your psoriasis within 10 weeks.2

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Emily’s Story

“Using this device was huge! Love that you can take it anywhere, do it anywhere! It’s great!”

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Phototherapy has been used for years to treat auto- immune skin diseases. New technologies have made this option much easier now, either as a stand-alone therapy or in combination with other medications.

Zerigo for Psoriasis is a new spin on a well-proven treatment.

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If eligible, you and your covered family members will gain access to the Zerigo for Psoriasis program at no cost, as part of your health plan. To determine if you are eligible, please complete the following brief survey, including questions about you, your condition, and your current psoriasis care. After you send us your answers, a Zerigo Health Representative will reach out to discuss next steps.

Zerigo for Psoriasis can be started only with a prescription from a licensed healthcare provider. If you are eligible and decide to join the program, our team will work with you and your doctor to get a prescription. If you do not have a healthcare provider, we can refer you to a licensed dermatologist for an appointment by phone or Internet. Zerigo for Psoriasis is not intended to replace your current treatment(s) unless directed by your doctor.

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